Bucket List

Things I would like to do before I die:

1. Get Healthy :)
   a. Not have so many headaches
   b. Learn to meditate.
   c. Be at a Healthy Weight 
   d. Healthy but not through Modern Chemistry

2.  Sport type things
    a. Do some real hiking
    b.  Learn to Canoe and Go Whitewater rafting.
   c.  Learn to Rock Climb and Go do some climbing

3.  Lifestyle things
   a.  Own my own business...
            but first I would have to decide what I really want to do.
   b.  Own an RV and travel the country.
   c.  Build an Energy Efficient Home
          actually build it myself with help of family members.
   d.  Have a garden that will feed us.
   e.  Have an herb garden