Pictures 2011

My Rock Climbers
Abby, Nate, Daniel
Ben, Nick and JP
5 Summits in 5 Days
by Nick and JP
in September
Mt. Wheeler, New Mexico

Black Mesa, Oklahoma

Black Mesa, Oklahoma

Guadalupe Mountain, Texas
Guadalupe Mountain, Texas
Driskill Mountain, Louisana
Mount Magazine, Arkansas

Boys at Philmont
Serious business!
Chilly but still showing them how to do it!


So cool!
Silly Knight
Hmm, A meal At Last!
How much more can I stuff in My Mouth!
Now to Wash the Food Down

Abby's Philmont Trip

Skyler (boyfriend) and Abby

Climb that Pole!

Mini Bear

I'm So Happy Oh So Happy 

3 Musketeers and d'Artagnan 

Abby and Skyler Ray

JP, Beth, Jeffrey, Abby, Skyler, Hillary and Anthony

Here We Go Round and Round
John Ray (Skyler's dad) and Abby

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