I will be putting in memories so that family and friends can know me better.  If I remember something new about an area I already put on I will type it in a new color.

Earliest Memory
We lived in a small trailer (one bedroom).
I remember sleeping on the couch.
I remember curtains that had space ships and rockets and planets.  I think the main color was bright blue.
I remember a Christmas tree and slightly waking up and seeing Daddy putting presents under tree.

Memories of Brunswick Georgia
We lived in a trailer park, it was a bigger trailer, don't remember layout.
The smell of the Pulp Plant across the marsh/swamp.
The sounds of the marsh/swamp and I think little crabs and holes in the edge of that area.
The clothesline area, it was used by the whole park.  Tons of clotheslines and when you walked through the grass in the spring, early summer it moved from all the little toads.
A house, I presume the manager or owner of park, it had wrap around type porch and porch swings.
I remember Daddy cleaning squirrels (that was probably when I decided too much work for too little meat :)
Daddy carrying me on his shoulders out to go hunting; understand that was a mistake, I didn't shut up.
I remember what my Mom looked like pregnant (not sure which brother).  They were both born in Brunswick.
A Fall Carnival in a big barn.  Apple Bobbing tubs, apples on strings and you threw a line across a curtain and they put a something on your line.  Bonfire and music.  Lots of people and a happy time.

Life in Virginia Beach

Trailer Park on Virginia Beach Blvd.  
Near Seatack Elementary School
The trailer was situated on a corner off the feeder road along Va. Beach Blvd. and an entrance to the park.
I remember talking walks and I remember speed bumps.
On one said walk, brother Chris was riding on Dad's shoulders and he threw up all over Dad's face and shoulders and head. The story goes that Dad then took Chris off his shoulders and gave Chris to Mom by one arm.  And said, "Take your son!"
Mom made me a Cinderella cake.  You could buy a glass statue and it had a watch on it.  Mom wrapped the watch in foil and the statue was in the cake and her dress was all decorated.
I remember attending a girl from school's birthday party.  We went to the theater down on the strip and saw Kissin Cousins with Elvis.

Trailer Park further down on Virginia Beach Blvd.
Between Oceana and Princess Anne
As you came in the trailer park, we were in the back left corner, and the Clark's were on the right corner afew lots down.
I remember the trailer layout and the fact that kids could run a loop.  Start in living room, go thru the kitchen, across a room, then thru the bathroom (longest bathroom I had ever seen) and back into the living room.  As you can imagine there were a few butts swatted over that.
I remember my brother David getting lost and after many hours of searching, he was found asleep in his closet in his bedroom. A game of hide and seek gone bad!
I remember putting rocks in the gas tank of (I believe never been good at cars) the rambler. Boy, there was hell to pay for that one :?
Another one of my major get in trouble abouts was shooting dirt at my brothers.  Let me explain... I had an air gun, in order to cock it I put it nose down.  Well back then there was a design flaw, no cap on the end sooo the end would fill with dirt and when you shot it, well I think you get the picture.  The first couple of times, it was probably unintentional but hey it was cool until I got caught.  Sorry Chris and David, love you!
I remember living in the trees, I adored climbing trees and have the scares on my shins to prove it.
The lot, like I said was in the back corner, there was ditch on the back and one side and then woods.  Dad built a bridge and we would play in the woods as often as we could.  It is funny to me as I remember this stuff, that I am the Ecology Director at Boy Scout Camp (early fondness of the frogs and now the trees).
I remember the neighbors next to us were older and they had two dogs Pekingese, one wasn't very friendly.
Of course, the Clark's that I mentioned before were mom and dad's age. Their children were younger than us.  David would feed one of the girls his carrots or anything he didn't want to eat.
David falling asleep at the table because he had cooked carrots on his plate.
The boys going outside in nothing but their briefs, when we had one of those rare snow falls.
I remember Dad's friends who would come over.  One was Denny (he was single and tall and a teddy bear) and the other was Frank Fellows (divorced, short and thin and dark hair).
I went on my first date, don't remember his name, we went to lunch and bowling.  His parents took us and dropped us off.
And of course, I can't remember this trailer park without telling the lawnmower incident.  It is one of those stories that you keep telling.  I am not sure why Dad was going to mow this lawn but it hadn't been mowed in quite awhile, so the grass was tallish.  So Dad would start the mower and go a couple inches in and it would die.  Well after it doing this repeatedly, Dad came dragging the lawnmower behind him, then he promptly threw it over the fence instead of bringing in through the gate area.  Of course, the air was turning quite blue with his opinion about the lawnmower.  He kicked it a few times, then picked up a cement block or two and broke them on it.  And kicked it a bit more,  Then he picked up a hydraulic jack and beat it repeatedly.  Once he had relieved all his physical anger, he then pulled out his matches and set it on fire.  Of course, during this time my mom is hollering, trying to get dad to calm down.  And us kids, well we were terrified.  Mom didn't let him throw it away, she pushed in under the edge of the trailer and when he would start getting mad.  She would either remind him of it or pull it out.
When we lived there Dad also dropped a partially filled fuel oil drum on his foot.  Broke his toes/foot and was in a cast.
I remember having a Chatty Cathy doll and dad taking it apart to see how it worked.  From that point on she had to have tape around her abdomen to stay together.
Chris and David had Benny Boy dolls from the Benny and Cecil show, they had a pull string and would talk.  Either dad or mom, more likely dad got tired of listening, so the string was pulled out and cut.  Silence is golden :)

Life in Navy Housing
The First Apartment on Paul Jones Circle