Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well It Truly Has Been a Long Time

It has been an eventful time.  And I am fixing to get crazy busy.
We have done a bunch of scouting stuff.  The biggest scouting event was I was tapped and received my Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow.   My Vigil sons came in for the ceremony and to be with me.  Then George and I went through Woodbadge and received our beads.
The biggest event was in November 2014 I moved the Red River, New Mexico.  We have had children living there for the past couple of years.  We have visited and loved it.  SO it was time to test whether I could hold up to the winter.  Since our son, Nick was getting married and moving out of the house.  I decided to take his place, in the house.  So Mary, Bethany and I moved out here.  I have been working as a prep person in a local restaurant call Old Tymer's, Bethany has worked with her brothers at the ski rental shop and Mary works as housekeeping at one of the lodges.
We have loved the winter and Bethany has been learning to ski and has gotten good at it.
We are currently preparing to head back to Mississippi.
We have two children getting married in 5 weeks.
Nick and Kim are getting married in April.  Abigail and Skyler are getting married in May.  Lots of things to do when I get back.
After the weddings, we will be coming back here.  As soon as finances and an open apartment is available Dan will be coming out here.
I will miss working Boy Scout Camp but many things have improved so living here is best for the moment.
I will try to write more later but have to go for now.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where Have I Been

That is a good question.
I don't really remember the year but it has come and gone.
We were at Camp Yocona for a few weeks for Cub and Boy Scout Camps.  Which it was a very good year.  Found many new critters and lost a few also :(  Had excellent instructors this year.
Bethany went to  JAMBOREE in West Virginia for 10 days. It was very quiet here.
In August, we went to New Mexico to visit the boys (Nic, Nate & Ben) and Kim.  Loved the weather, wish I had the finances to move there.  Maybe in a few years, after we pay off the truck.
Oh, we bought a full size pickup truck in May. So our money is abit tighter than it was.
Since coming back from New Mexico in September (we stayed 2.5 weeks); Dan was diagnosed with diabetes.  So I have been overwhelmed with diet changes in household.
Emotionally, I am still me, emotional!  Still struggle day to day with depression, some days winning and some days losing.
The Pure Romance business is doing poorly to say the least.  Which doesn't help my mood.
Can't seem to get ahead with things.
Mary tried a small amount of gardening, but it didn't fair well.
SO what are my big plans at the moment.
1. Stay on budget and develop savings.
2. Clean off property and set up garden boxes.
3. Work on food storage again.
4.  Figure out social interaction with other women.
5. Lose weight (by giving up soda and eating healthier).
I hope this finds all well.  Maybe I will get into a habit of posting more, no promises :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am Alive!

Just barely though :(
Had a rough holiday season.  I was told I need to learn to be grateful for what I have and not what I have lost.  So I guess that confirms it I am a half empty glass person.
SO, how do I change!!!!
Another reason I am just barely alive is medicines.  When I broke down in tears at doctor visit, he decided to add a med.  Well, the next thing I know all I can do is sleep and lay down.  Being upright  was out of the question.  He had also changed my BP med so I decided to do an experiment after being incapacitated for over a month.  I cut out the non BP med, within 5 days I was able to be upright for more than 10 minutes.  I have been off it for just over a week and doing much better.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be functioning totally again.
SO why were the holidays so tough....missing the children who were not here.
You want your kids to grow up and get lives, BUT then it happens and it saddens you. I think enough said, since I am tearing up thinking about it.
We worked Winter Camp which is also tough, it starts on the anniversary date that we buried Andrew.  A friend put in to a little perspective for me "That I honor Andrew's memory by helping other young men at that time of year!"  Then we had a good cry about my pain.  I must admit I am tired of the pain!
Since the New Year yet another child left the nest again!  And I miss him also.  Along with someone moving out came the rearranging of living space.  So it has been a busy time and a Decluttering time :)  Still have many spots in house to declutter and rearrange but it will get there!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Philanthropist of Knowledge and Skills

So how does one become a Philanthropist of Knowledge and Skills when one is Financially Handicapped?
In the words of Yul Brenner from The King and I "Tis a puzzlement".
I am going to start researching. There has to be a way for people to share their knowledge and skills for the betterment of this country.  Even if they are Financially Handicapped (or broke).  These people many times have skills and knowledge because they have had to make do or did it as a job.    Retired people are another source of knowledge and skills; and many of them can't afford to go out a give.
It takes time, materials and gas to teach and share skills.
It also takes pupils, to many people in this country are lazy or skeptical.  They wonder just why they need to learn a particular skill or knowledge.  We aren't growing as a country.  I have said before we need to produce in this country, knowledge and skill as well as goods.
We need to share skills to improve our family's lives, as well as the lives of other.  We need to share knowledge the will help us make inform choices.  People have lost the ability to help themselves or their family.  They hire someone (now mind you there are tons of people who need employment) but what happens when you don't have the money to hire someone.  We have lost a sense of community in this country.  We don't help our neighbors, hell alot of people don't even know their neighbors.  Oops another topic, brain just starts going every where.
We need to join together as a human race and teach and help one another.  But again it will come back to how do we support such things, when we are struggling to survive ourselves!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

Well, it is over.  Except for the whining and crying for many.
I don't trust politicians as a rule, so even though I voted I expect very little.
I think people need to learn to stand up and support the causes they believe in.  This way the "The government machine" is aware of the voice of the people.  I don't think dumping money into organizations is the answer.  Public awareness will always be the answer.  You want things to improve go out and work to improve them.  Go out and make others aware of how important basic liberties and freedoms are.
IMHO, the best way to get the election results you want is not to work the last year before the election, BUT to start now working towards a goal.
This goal should be finding government leaders who will support the rights, not entitlements of the people.  And who will support the Constitution which this country was founded on.  Who will not increase government and laws but review the government and laws we  have and trim the fat.  They need to repeal many laws that infringe on our personal and state rights.  The states were suppose to  run the country not the federal government.  Many people need to be educated as to the real dangers out there.  It is not just about terrorists coming here, but the terror within our country.  Our country produces little, we need to learn to produce on a family, community, state and national level.  I implore people to work on producing something and helping others learn skills.
What do I stand for ...many things!  But I mainly support less government, less family legislation and the rights of all  who will not stomp on my rights.  There is alot of stomping  going on and I fear where it will lead. I stand for EDUCATION, learn skills, learn anything and everything you can.
Who did I vote for...does it truly matter but I can assure you it mattered to me.  It was thought out carefully.
Can I do better in electing officials...definitely I didn't know enough about every person I voted for.  And I will work on that.  EVERY election is important not just the Presidential ones.
I am just one person but I am one person with a voice.  Not always heard but I have one none the less.
And I need to stop for now, because my mind is jumping everywhere.  This another stay tuned.