Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where Have I Been

That is a good question.
I don't really remember the year but it has come and gone.
We were at Camp Yocona for a few weeks for Cub and Boy Scout Camps.  Which it was a very good year.  Found many new critters and lost a few also :(  Had excellent instructors this year.
Bethany went to  JAMBOREE in West Virginia for 10 days. It was very quiet here.
In August, we went to New Mexico to visit the boys (Nic, Nate & Ben) and Kim.  Loved the weather, wish I had the finances to move there.  Maybe in a few years, after we pay off the truck.
Oh, we bought a full size pickup truck in May. So our money is abit tighter than it was.
Since coming back from New Mexico in September (we stayed 2.5 weeks); Dan was diagnosed with diabetes.  So I have been overwhelmed with diet changes in household.
Emotionally, I am still me, emotional!  Still struggle day to day with depression, some days winning and some days losing.
The Pure Romance business is doing poorly to say the least.  Which doesn't help my mood.
Can't seem to get ahead with things.
Mary tried a small amount of gardening, but it didn't fair well.
SO what are my big plans at the moment.
1. Stay on budget and develop savings.
2. Clean off property and set up garden boxes.
3. Work on food storage again.
4.  Figure out social interaction with other women.
5. Lose weight (by giving up soda and eating healthier).
I hope this finds all well.  Maybe I will get into a habit of posting more, no promises :)

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