Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well It Truly Has Been a Long Time

It has been an eventful time.  And I am fixing to get crazy busy.
We have done a bunch of scouting stuff.  The biggest scouting event was I was tapped and received my Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow.   My Vigil sons came in for the ceremony and to be with me.  Then George and I went through Woodbadge and received our beads.
The biggest event was in November 2014 I moved the Red River, New Mexico.  We have had children living there for the past couple of years.  We have visited and loved it.  SO it was time to test whether I could hold up to the winter.  Since our son, Nick was getting married and moving out of the house.  I decided to take his place, in the house.  So Mary, Bethany and I moved out here.  I have been working as a prep person in a local restaurant call Old Tymer's, Bethany has worked with her brothers at the ski rental shop and Mary works as housekeeping at one of the lodges.
We have loved the winter and Bethany has been learning to ski and has gotten good at it.
We are currently preparing to head back to Mississippi.
We have two children getting married in 5 weeks.
Nick and Kim are getting married in April.  Abigail and Skyler are getting married in May.  Lots of things to do when I get back.
After the weddings, we will be coming back here.  As soon as finances and an open apartment is available Dan will be coming out here.
I will miss working Boy Scout Camp but many things have improved so living here is best for the moment.
I will try to write more later but have to go for now.

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  1. I just saw this. I'm glad to have an update! Congrats on all of the upcoming nuptials! :)