Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

Well, it is over.  Except for the whining and crying for many.
I don't trust politicians as a rule, so even though I voted I expect very little.
I think people need to learn to stand up and support the causes they believe in.  This way the "The government machine" is aware of the voice of the people.  I don't think dumping money into organizations is the answer.  Public awareness will always be the answer.  You want things to improve go out and work to improve them.  Go out and make others aware of how important basic liberties and freedoms are.
IMHO, the best way to get the election results you want is not to work the last year before the election, BUT to start now working towards a goal.
This goal should be finding government leaders who will support the rights, not entitlements of the people.  And who will support the Constitution which this country was founded on.  Who will not increase government and laws but review the government and laws we  have and trim the fat.  They need to repeal many laws that infringe on our personal and state rights.  The states were suppose to  run the country not the federal government.  Many people need to be educated as to the real dangers out there.  It is not just about terrorists coming here, but the terror within our country.  Our country produces little, we need to learn to produce on a family, community, state and national level.  I implore people to work on producing something and helping others learn skills.
What do I stand for ...many things!  But I mainly support less government, less family legislation and the rights of all  who will not stomp on my rights.  There is alot of stomping  going on and I fear where it will lead. I stand for EDUCATION, learn skills, learn anything and everything you can.
Who did I vote for...does it truly matter but I can assure you it mattered to me.  It was thought out carefully.
Can I do better in electing officials...definitely I didn't know enough about every person I voted for.  And I will work on that.  EVERY election is important not just the Presidential ones.
I am just one person but I am one person with a voice.  Not always heard but I have one none the less.
And I need to stop for now, because my mind is jumping everywhere.  This another stay tuned.

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  1. I must say, very inspiring, well thought out, and well put. Thank you for sharing.